Leather Lounges

Looking for fabulous leather lounges for your home? Demir Leather has just what you are looking for. With many years of experience as a leader of retail outlet furniture in Australia, Demir Leather brings you fine and qualitative Italian leather furniture in the styles and fashion that only European furniture can bring to Australian homes and offices.

Choose from our italian leather lounges in the De Style range

Sophistication with Leather Lounges

Leather lounges provide home and office spaces with a full look of sophistication that will scream style in any room. There is nothing more luxurious than leather furniture; with Demir Leather furniture you can portray the style and sophistication you desire without having to go over your budget. The Italian-inspired design of our leather lounges give a European style to any room that can have intricate and exuberant designs or simple and clean lines to portray your style of choice.

Leather Lounges for a Lifetime

Our furniture is specially crafted to last a lifetime. With our high quality products you can expect that the durability of the leather and other materials used to craft our leather lounges lasts a lifetime, saving you money as you won’t have to buy new furniture in a short span of time. The quality of the leather is so exquisite that it is not vulnerable to tears and cracks that occur with time – plus you can relax and enjoy of food and drinks while you sit comfortably in your lounge without the worry of damaging your lounge as the leather lounges by Demir Leather are extremely easy to clean and incredibly durable.

No matter what your motive for getting a leather lounge is, having a sitting lounge in a living room is of the upmost importance and the whole reason for having a living room- for that reason, why not do it in style with Demir Leather? Take advantage of our high quality furniture and our affordable prices and accent your home and office space with elegant and stylish furniture Italian style.

To see more of our great furniture pieces in person, visit us at our Auburn or Chatswood locations, where our friendly team of representatives waits eagerly for your visit today. Give us a call on (02) 9748 8888 for our Auburn location or on (02) 9411 8997 for our Chatswood location today.

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Our leather lounges in the De Comfort range

Leather lounges can form a centrepiece  to any space in your residence. The appealing sensation that it can give to your home is in fact only one of its kind as it can go well with any current or conventional fixtures. Moreover, leather lounge can still maintain its characteristic and refined impression. You have the power over making them look profligate to come out deluxe but will still look vast even in the simplest outward appearance.

If you are looking for a leather lounge, you are required to carefully plan and deliver good ambience. There are multiple factors to consider and see the sights. Your tastes as well as your family members needs budget and you must be willing to spend fund in purchasing leather furniture. Preservation is an easy chore in caring your leather lounge furniture. Homeowners’ don’t have to get the maintenance services of expert home cleaners to get this task done. You will never disregard how you spent time with your family after a busy day. Spend quality time and enjoy the comfort that a leather lounge can offer.


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