The Demir Story

We see Demir as a leading retail outlet for premium Italian sofas and lounges, filling up Australian homes with the best designs and fashion that Italy can bring. If you are a leather connoisseur, you will experience the Demir difference with the best Italian imports in the field.Demir Leather, like any other businesses, started with its own humble beginnings.  Demir Leather have envisioned bringing quality home furniture pieces from Italy to the many Australian homes and business establishments. And they have exceeded and succeeded way beyond what they have imagined before. Today, they are one of the leading manufacturers and producers of fine, genuine home furniture pieces that certainly will be loved with their loyal and prospective consumers.Inspired by Italian styles, designs and patterns, they specialize in sofas and lounges that are carefully crafted and assembled to create outstanding products. Many thank you’s to the excellent craftsmanship of their Italian creators. Living in elegance and luxury is definitely at reach by many consumers.

Christmas Trading Hours
Closed from the 19th to the 26th inclusive.
Open 27th December